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Torsional vibrations are often undetected, although they cause considerable problems such as material fatigue. In order to detect torsional vibrations, specialized measurement technology and experienced consulting are key.
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Measure Torsional Vibrations

Torsional vibrations disrupt a smooth workflow and must be detected and analyzed at an early stage - regardless of whether they occur in gas turbines or combustion engines. We have compiled a list of  what is important and which questions need to be clarified when measuring torsional vibrations.

Know-How to manage torsional vibrations...
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Laser Tachometer IfTA LMM2

The new laser ta­cho­met­er IfTA LMM2 (Laser Meas­ure­ment Mod­ule) is a fiber-optic sensor that can be used in com­bin­a­tion with an IfTA meas­ure­ment sys­tem. It allows for non-con­tact and high-precision meas­ure­ment of ro­ta­tion­al speed, an­gu­lar ve­lo­city and vi­bra­tion angle on ro­tors and shafts.

New laser tachometer IfTA LMM2...
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Rotary Speed/Timer Module 

The dual-channel input module IfTA AT2 records impuls signals quickly and precisely, enabling accurate measurement of the amplitudes of torsional vibrations. The new laser tachometer IfTA LMM2 is an ideal combination with the timer module IfTA AT2.

Timer module IfTA AT2...

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Sensor + Test Review

Missed our trade show appearance? No problem - Dr. Widhopf-Fenk has recorded his presentation of IfTA hard- and software, with a special focus on our IfTA TrendViewer analysis software, so that you can watch it whenever you want.

View the presentation "Analyze data efficiently"...
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